Small Groups

What is a Small Faith-sharing Group?

A relaxed, safe and informal place to meet together with others, to share our common purpose as Christians and to deepen  our relationship with the Lord.  

What  is the purpose of  Small Groups? 

Small faith sharing groups are set on biblical foundations.  Jesus called the twelve disciples individually and immediately formed them into a small group of 12.  It was to this group collectively that the Great Commission and the Great Commandment were given. They are in line with the Diocesan vision and the vision for our Church. It is in this small  intimate group that we can study the word of God and feel free to ask questions and debate and discuss Holy Scripture.  We are able to share in prayer for ourselves and for others. We find our own strengths and can use them in the group and the greater church. We are loved and supported and can  then reach out and love and support  others within the church and the greater community.

Monday 2pm - Fourways area

Tuesday 2:30pm - Centering Prayer - Church

Wednesday 7pm - Church

Friday 7am - Breakfast meeting - Rivonia

Saturday 11:30am - Centering Prayer - Church

Saturday 4pm - Church

Sunday 12pm - Mothers Union