R.I.P. :  Frank Mitchell & Leslie du Toit




In Christian funerals we thank Almighty God for the life of the person who has died, and commend him or her to the loving mercy of God.

Canon law, in the Anglican Church, requires that the coffin be present in the church, except in exceptional situations, such as when a person is lost at sea. A memorial service may be held, in church or at home, not as a replacement but in addition to the funeral. So for example, where the funeral takes place in England, there may be a memorial service here at St Michael's. 

The date and time of the funeral needs to be arranged with St Michael's and with your Funeral Directors. Once this is done, you should arrange an interview with the priest who will be conducting the funeral. The priest will discuss the format of the service with you. 

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Please contact the Church Office on 011 706 6050/1/6 if you would like to arrange an interview.